Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Delicate Rose is a creeper.

Preface: A few weeks ago Bubba was at our house. I decided to take a nap. After a while it was time for me to get up. Bubba told my mom that he was going to yell "TIME TO GET UP!" Being the amazing person she is, mama told him not to do that, but instead to quietly tell me to wake up and kiss my forehead. So he came down and gently told me to get up and kissed my forehead and cheeks. He was so cute! So I pulled him up on my lap and told him how adorable he was, and kissed his lack of forehead and sweet air-filled cheeks. Seriously, he's the cutest 4 year old!
Last night I fell asleep watching TV with Delicate Rose. She was ready to go to bed, and to her credit was kind enough to want to wake me up and get me to go to bed. Well, if you know anything about Willoughby's, there is 2 things about us and sleeping. 1. We can sleep anywhere: airplane, cars, movie theaters, school, ANYWHERE. 2. We are hard to wake up. Like super hard. So Delicate Rose tried and tried to get me to wake up with no luck. She remembered how cute I thought it was when Bubba woke me up when he kissed my forehead. So she decided to try. But when she started to lean down, she remembered when I would talk to Seymore, and how jealous she was. So naturally she started mocking his sucker fishy face. Of course this is when I wake up. Delicate Rose was standing above me, coming toward me, making a fishy face. WHAT. I was seriously ticked. I can't tell you what happened as a result of my ticked-ness because this is a family friendly blog!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seymore Finley

Dear Seymore,
I knew we were meant to be since the moment I saw your fat little body swimming around that Walmart tank across from the dog food. You looked so big next to all your siblings. I just knew I had to have you! I called a worker over so I could get you. Three employees, an argument over your price, and a bag filled with water later, I finally had you in my hands. You were so cute! However, I must admit, I felt a little childish walking through Walmart at 11 pm, holding a giant gold fish with the most ridiculous smile on my face. But I couldn't help it. I just loved you!
I could not decide what to name you. The possibilities were endless. But you had to have just the right name because you were so perfect to me. Finally, your ever-lovin Grandma (my mama) suggested Seymore. That was it! Seymore Finley. I loved it almost as much as I loved you!
Getting your new fish bowl ready was the start of this tragedy of a story. The directions said to wash out the bowl sans soap. So I did. Then it said rinse the rocks and put them in the bottom of the bowl. So I did. Then it said to fill the bowl half-way with water and put in some chlorine neutralizer. So I did. After I put the packet in, I thought it seemed like a lot. So I read what it said on the packet. AWWW!!! Put in 1 tsp for every 10 gallons of water. This was only a 1 gallon bowl. The packet contained enough for 30 gallons. Oh man!!! So glad I read the packet before I put you in the water! I emptied out the bowl, rinsed it thoroughly, rinsed off the rocks, filled it back up, and put you in your new home.
You looked so big in that bowl! You just swam around and tried to get to know your new surroundings. But when I would put my face next to the bowl, you would swim over next to me and make that precious fishy sucker face. My heart melted every time! I would make the face back to you. Delicate Rose asked if I could talk to you. Of course I could! You were my baby! She laughed, but it was just because she was jealous. I don't think you ever stopped making that sucker face. Oh and those eyes! They were the biggest, most intense black eyes I have ever seen. It was like you were staring into my soul every time you looked at me. I loved that black patch behind your head. Chances are, it was cancer, but it made you unique and mine.
Uncle Chief Navajo Jack teased you endlessly. He would call you Seymore Butts. He would say he wanted sushi. He would pretend he was fishing in your bowl. But I know you didn't mind. You only have a 3 second memory, so every time he teased you, it was like it was the first joke he ever made.
Seymore, tonight I went in to check on you. And there you were. Laying lifeless at the bottom of the bowl. Most fish float to the top when they die. But not you. You were too fat to float. It is not a fat joke, just a fact. A fact that made me love you even more. I tapped on the bowl. Nothing. I shook it a little. You moved, but just from the waves I created.
Chief Navajo Jack and I had a little service for you in the bathroom. He said some heartfelt words while I did the deed. He sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. It was really touching, coming from him who teased you the most.
Those 17 hours I had you were short, but I will never forget them. You changed my life in a way no other fish could. We truly connected. I anxiously await that day in Heaven when we will once again be reunited. You will forever be my fish, sweet Sey!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What! Why did you change your blog?

I get asked this question all.the.time. K, well, not really, because no one knows I've even started a new blog yet. BUT I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will get question over and over again. So we'll just answer it now.
1. My old blog of getting frumpy. It lost its sparks. So sad, I know. But I'm not the crazy college girl I used to be. I am now a grown up. How weird is that! The point is, I can't blog about seeing Eddy on campus, or talking to Charlie out my window at 2 in the morning. That stuff just doesn't happen anymore. Which, in a way, is good, because my heart can't take all that drama anymore.
2. My blog was because all sad and woe-some.Talking about real life stuff is way to dreary.
3. I'm at a new starting point in my life, so to speak. Just graduated, moved into a new ward, started a new, great job. Its all a fresh start. Why not start with a fresh blog!
4. I'm hoping to become as cool as C.Jane. She's pretty much the best. I'm working on a vlog that I can send to her. But how do you vlog to someone as dynamic as her. K, lets be honest for sec, I googled synonyms for powerful and one of them was dynamic, so I took it! I know, it doesn't make that much sense, but stop that!! its my blog, so I'll use whatever words I want to describe C.Jane.