Monday, January 28, 2013


So how does one get a nickname like Cohortney?? Well, I will tell you!
I met someone brilliant and genius!! She goes by the name of Jocelyn. Well, naturally she desperately wanted to marry Jon Gosselin so her name would be Jocelyn Gosselin. So of course I developed her name into J.Goss. Its just what she goes by now!
So J.Goss is in the social sciences so she is always talking, learning, studying, debated about cohorts. In her efforts to one up me (which is near impossible), she wanted to come up with a great nickname for me. One day it just happened. It was natural and normal and its what I go by now.
"Hello J.Goss!"
"Well, hello, co...hort...ney!"
And the rest is history.
P.S. what happened to leaving comments and validating me? I can see all of you looking at my blog. Leave some love! Public thanks to M.Mads (that's you Melanie!) for always validating me :)


  1. You're awesome Courtney! =) I liked your single and Mormon post. I felt that way too, and now I finally found 'the one' and let me tell you he was worth the wait! I say finally, but really I'm only 24 haha. I actually blogged once how I think God handpicked the lucky women that would get to be single for longer than the Mormon norm, because I saw how much it blessed my life...I'm independent and educated and I know who I am and what I want etc etc. If I would've gotten married at 19 that wouldn't have happened. Anyways, have some validation!

  2. Sorry, woman! I just realized that I put the last post on my favorites bar, which meant that whenever I clicked on it to see if you had updated, it took me to that post only. Finally, I noticed on the side that there was a post from 2013... I'll fix that, now. Love ya! Validation completed.

  3. And I now blog-stalk you, which is way better than checking every once in a while. Whenever I pull up my own, you're on my sidebar, so I'll know if you've been slacking like me, or you're a rockstar.