Saturday, November 17, 2012


Yesterday, I created a whole new level of the stomach flu. You know how I like to share every part of my life, well here it is: I puked all day.Seriously. Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl. Again. Did you know that it feels better to throw up when you actually have something is your stomach. I, for one, didn't really know that before yesterday. But its a true story.
Anyway, the point: I was super duper sick! Sometimes it takes major disasters or lots and lots of vomit to remind me how amazing my family is. Mom: This darling woman took care of my all day. She brought me food even thought she knew I was just going to barf it up, let me rest my head of her lap and played with my hair, didn't say anything when she and Dad heard me violently ralphing while they were in the next room eating dinner,  bought my Gatorade, and stayed home from Ward Temple Night so I didn't have to suffer alone, ALL while she wasn't feeling so great herself! Thanks Mom!
Dad: He let me have Mom on his day off, didn't wake me up when I finally got to sleep even though he had a very important question, and called the home teacher "in the middle of the night" so he could help give me a blessings (you know, middle of the night for old people). Thanks Dad!
Stephanie: Oh sweet Stephanie! At 10 last night she knew I was tired of laying on the couch watching Boy Meets World. So she had me move to couch upstairs and we watched The Office on her lap top. Watching old episodes she had already seen with her barf-tastic sister was probably not her idea of a fun Friday. But she did it anyways. It meant so much! Thanks Steph!! Oh, I mean Delicate Rose!
And I know Ben, Max, and David would have done the same thing if they had been here ;)
Since we are already on the nasty subject, lets take it a step further. Wanna know the worst puking story ever (worst puking story ever only if you are Mom)? Well, I'm gonna tell it to you anyways! In February we went to Disney World. Well, on the very last leg of of our long trip home we were flying from Salt Lake to Idaho Falls (45 minute flight). Mom and E were sitting next to each other, and I was sitting across the isle from them. Mom had fallen asleep and E was coloring. Soon, she stopped, and was staring off. I told her to turn off her light and sleep. She told me she wasn't tired. A couple minutes later she was doing the same things so I told her again. She didn't like that, so she turned her back to me and was facing Mom. Pretty soon, that right, she puked right onto her sleeping grandma. When Mom woke up she hurried and grabbed the barf bag, but E missed. The flight attendant quickly came with a big garbage bag, and guess what. E missed again. Luckily, E's Dad switched spots with me so I didn't have to help clean it up. Best part of the flight? Defined when E's brother, C said "Emwee's fwo up smews wiwwy bad" (Emily's throw up smells really bad!). Truer words have never been spoken. Thanks C!  

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  1. Even though you have the best family ever, and you do, I still think this post should have the words puke, vomit, ralphy ralph, upchuck, barf, and losing the cookies in the title. Maybe regurgitate & hurl for good measure. There. I just threw up a little in my mouth.