Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stuck in the bowl

Friday night I watched my niece and nephews! Some great times were had, and many things remembered that I can embarrass them when they are teenagers :)
Missy Blue Eyes needed to take a bath so I had her get in the tub while I got her brothers ready for bed. She called me in a few times, like to get her body wash open. Well, one time she called me in and this is how the conversation went:
"Courtney, I'm ready to get out."
"Ok, then get out!"
"I can't. I'm stuck in the bowl."
"Do you mean stuck in the tub?"
"No, stuck in the bowl."
Then she raise up one side of her bum, and there was a bowl! Stuck on her bum!
Of course, I told Delicate Rose to hurry in and see it! We laughed SOOOOOOOO hard.
"Missy, how did you get that stuck on your bum?"
"Well, I was sitting on it, and then I tried to pull it off and the harder I pulled the tighter it got."
She pulled one more time and it came off! I asked her if we could tell Swiper (Delicate Rose's suiter). She said no.
After she was dressed, she came to Swiper and said, "I'm ready to tell him!"

While Missy was bathing, Delicate Rose, Swiper, Bubba and I were all talking in the kitchen. Swiper asked who my boyfriend was so I said it was Bubba. Bubba had that thoughtful look in his eyes and then agreed. Best boyfriend I've ever had. He kept giving me hugs and saying how much he loved me. Later when he called Grandma and told her we were dating, we had to have talk about how we are just pretend dating, and we don't really date our aunts. Not sure he quite gets the pretending part, but as long as I get flowers its whatever! 

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