Friday, July 5, 2013

Not polygamy, just sister wives!

Remember that episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where all the couples choose who their spouse will marry if they kick the bucket? It happened to me, but in a cool way :)
So J.Goss got sentenced to the marriage graveyard last year. While we were roommates we would always joke about polygamy and becoming sister wives. Well, yesterday she told me that she informed her hubby that if she dies first and I'm still single, she wants him to marry me. Not because she actually wants me to be married to her husband (that would be weird) but we just really want to be sister wives!
His response? "That's weird. We're not even attracted to each other. But ok, if its what you want."
Usually when we are all together this is how she starts things off: "Hubby, I'm going to tell Courtney about {insert title of crazy story} so don't try to stop me." So he just goes with the flow of it now!
Moral of the story: I've been proposed to by wife nĂºmero uno.

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